AMable Community Rules

The AMable Community is guided by a set of rules concerning the posted content and the way, we post content. These rules shall allow us to be respectful with each other, honest about our statements and supportive to others. We believe, that the AMable Community needs to be free of commercial offerings, that is why only links are allowed. If you want to present yourself, please use the space called "The Stage".
Remember that content is public unless you set it to private mode.

  1. Any question is a good question.
  2. Be kind and courteous. Let's put the spotlight on our shared values. We're all in this together to create a productive environment! Healthy debates are natural but biting tones of voice only make things worse for everyone. Kindness wins every time.
  3. Stay on topic: Keep your posts relevant to the discussion topic and avoid going off on tangents or introducing unrelated subjects.
  4. Avoid spamming: Do not post multiple messages in a short period of time, or post the same message repeatedly. You know if you are hurting the community. We expect you to be a respectful participant. You may not attack someone or post something inappropriate, or be rude and aggressive towards other members of the community! This includes anything that disrupts this space for everyone - misinformation will not fly here either so stay on topic if possible.
  5. Be constructive: Offer constructive feedback and ideas that can help move the discussion forward in a positive direction. Avoid personal attacks or criticism that is not helpful or productive.
  6. Respect privacy: Do not share personal or confidential information about others without their permission. Be mindful of others' privacy and confidentiality.
  7. There is no place for illegal or profane content in our community.
  8. Respect copyrights: Do not post copyrighted material without permission or proper attribution. Respect the intellectual property rights of others. and do not plagiarise content.
  9. Report violations: If you see a violation of the rules or inappropriate behavior, report it to the forum moderators or administrators.
  10. Commercial transactions directly in the community are not permitted aprt from in the "Buy-Sell" space. However, if you wish you, are free to have private chats with other members to discuss commercial agreements that will happen outside of the community.
  11. Tell your friends about the community

By following these rules of engagement, you can help create a productive, professional, and respectful environment for all members of the community.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I sell my products on this platform? 
Our intention is to provide a free community for people to exchange knowledge of AM. Supplementary to this, there are three specific ways commercial transactions may take place,:

    • You can present your commerical offering in the "Buy-Sell" space but not in other spaces.
    • You are able to have a private discussion with another member if they wish. 
    • There is a link on the dashboard which takes you to the AMable website, where commercial services are available
      Please respect our intention and keep to the above ways to sell your products 

I have a cool solution. How can I offer this to the community?
If you want to show other members your AM solution, then it is fine to discuss about it in the relevant space. A good place would be " The Stage". We can also move it to the SME AM showcase for you if we see it attract interest. If you want to charge for it or if you want to sell it, then this is a commercial activity. The only place you can do that is in the "Buy-Sell" space.

Can I suggest new features or improvements for the community?
Yes please do. We would suggest the Town Square for this, as other members may want to discuss. If we see feature requests being discussed we will contribute to the discussion and see how to implement them.

How do I start a private video call with someone?
There is a link to Jitsi meet on the left sidebar that allows free video calls of up to 5 minutes duration. We are looking at options for a more comprehensive video call module

Accessing the community from a mobile device
You can access the community via any web browser. The content dynamically scales to various media devices, eg laptop, tablet, smartphone

Are there any leadership roles or volunteer opportunities available?
Not at the moment but feel free to message one of the moderators if you are interested

Are there any membership fees or requirements to join?
No, the community is free to join and use

How can I contribute to the community?
There are many ways! Most of the 'Spaces' listed in the left sidebar are there for you to discuss things with members. If you have knowledge which can help members with challenges they may have, that would be great. You can also use The Stage to share ideas with members

Can I invite friends and colleagues to the community?
Yes you can invite friends and colleagues. Once they accept the invitation, an administrator will be notified and will accept their registration

Can I promote my business or product in the community?
We anticipate that a large proportion of members will be business owners or employees so it will be natural to 'talk shop'. However if you want to make purely commercial transactions, please follow our guidelines at the top of this page

How are community decisions made?
We expect that members will discuss topics in the Town Square, which we will be part of, and we will use polls to guage members' opinions

How can I stay up-to-date on community news and updates?
The landing page shows the latest posts and comments so we suggest keeping an eye on that. There are also multiple notification types available. You can set up notifications in your account settings page. 

How do I report inappropriate behaviour or content?
Each post and comment has a drop down menu on the right hand side where you can report inappropriate content. If you are being approached unappropriately by other means eg direct messages, please let a moderator know

How do I request technical support or assistance?
Please send a message to one of the moderators  (envelope icon at the top right of the page)

I seem to have lost a page
If you have a post that has 'disappeared' , message one of the moderators. It may be that it was removed for unsuitable content and you would have received a message in the notification area (bell icon, top right of page)

What are the community guidelines
The guidelines for our community are at the top of this page under 'Rules'

What is the purpose of the community
The purpose of the community is described in the "About This"  page, accessed from the top of the left sidebar