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April 2, 2024 (10:00 AM - 10:30 AM)

**Introduction** _Additive Manufacturing is a green and key enabling technology which offers several benefits, including design feedom, for building and repairing large-scale components presenting complex geometries. To overcome the limitations of axes (degrees of freedom) to be used in additive manufacturing, robot-assisted additive manufacturing rises as a disruptive technology, in which multiple robots can be used to produce multi-material large objects and also to develop hybrid systems, where additive and subtractive processes are combined. In this monthly meeting, the AMABLE COMMUNITY is invited to discuss the influence of robotics in AM._ 1. **Robotics and its influence on the efficiency of AM processes** - Automation - Production time 2. **Robotics and its influence on the accuracy and consistency of AM processes** - System precision - Repeatability - Path Planning Here is the link for the shared document : [240402-Robotics in AM.pdf](file-guid:bcb4b4fb-6b34-4b91-8624-070e933bc6df)
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